Councillors are listed here along with the Clerk, with their particular responsibilities identified. If you would like to contact anyone by email please send it to our Clerk , marked For The Attention of the relevant Councillor and it will be  forwarded on.

If phoning please have regard to keeping to sociable hours.

All Parish Councillors are required to make, and keep up to date, a declaration of interests. These are submitted to Daventry District Council’s Monitoring Officer who maintain a register of these interests for all Councils in the DDC area on their website.

To comply with transparency regulations the entries for Guilsborough Parish Council can be downloaded, as a pdf file, by following this link and scrolling through to the entry for

Guilsborough Parish Council.

District Councillor Team

Chris Millar

01604 947279

   07930 697055

Malcolm Longley

07721 824053

Steve Osborne

01327 842554

Local MP

Chris Heaton-Harris

78 St Georges Avenue



01604 859721

Clerks Duties

Responsible Financial Officer

Budget Planning

Street Lighting

Councillor Fulcher

07747 604067

Councillor Sarah Harris

0796 0022021


Councillor Hart

01604 740535

07917 101008

Councillor Jaggard

01604 740352

Councillor Metcalfe

01604 740048

Councillor Ian Miller

01604 740791


Councillor O’Neil

07801 700909

Councillor Phillips

07895 009099

Councillor Wooldridge

07798 900078

Clerk to the Parish Council

Carol Holifield


62 Watford Road




01788 824425

Councillors Roles

Village Hall Trustees:  Cllr Hart and Cllr O’Neil

Village Hall Management Committee:  Chairman and Cllr O’Neil

Highways: Cllr Wooldridge

Planning – Cllr Metcalfe, Cllr O’Neil and Cllr Wooldridge

Tree Warden – Cllr Metcalfe

Staff Committee – Cllr Fulcher and Cllr Harris

Budgets – Cllr Fulcher and Clerk

Internal Audits – Cllr Harris

Parish Website – Cllr Hart

Small Playing Field – Cllr Hart

Footpath Warden – Cllr Metcalfe

Parish Assets – Cllr Miller

Street Lighting - Clerk

Academy School Liaison – Cllr Miller

GPFA Liaison – Cllr Fulcher

Village Link – Cllr Hart and Cllr Fulcher

Police Liaison – Cllr Harris

Church Liaison – Cllr Jaggard and Cllr O’Neil

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